My Take: “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard

Title: Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print length: 388


My rating: 4.5 4.3
Goodreads: 4.1

Mare Borrow lives in a world divided solely by the color of blood.  The impoverished Reds live a life of survival while the wealthy Silvers with their god-like powers live in excess.

Mare is among the former, a red-blooded commoner.  She has no hope of the world around her changing, until one day she finds herself in the king’s palace among the Silvers.  It is here she discovers that despite her common blood, she has a god-like power of her own—she can control electricity.  When the royal family discovers her secret, she becomes a threat to the entire political system.

Standing in the balance between two different worlds, Mare must choose to either embrace her power and help save her fellow people, or live peacefully among the Silvers and ensure the safety of her family.  But, this is not the only fateful decision Mare must make—she must also choose who she loves.  Should she allow herself to fall for the intelligent, rebellious prince Maven whom she is betrothed to marry, or his older brother and future king Cal who saved Mare and her family from poverty?

As rebel Red forces gather against the Silver elite, Mare is forced to fight against the many powers dueling for control.  But as Mare is coming to find, betrayal is not uncommon.

My Take

A book is usually good when you sacrifice sleep, read in bed under a dim light so you don’t wake your husband, and don’t even care that your dead tired the next day at work.  This book was good—in fact, it was fantastic.  Amidst a pool of young adult, dystopian stories this novel really stands out.  It has all the engaging elements of a realistic world, dynamic characters, and fast-paced plot.

I especially loved the way Aveyard developed the two princes and their relationship with each other and with Mare.  As the story unfolds, you see the way they think, their motivations, and the way they will defy everything for one thing—Mare.  Aveyard found the perfect balance between developing a world that feels real, full of history and secrets, with one girl’s story of love and survival.  This novel would suit both romantics and non-romantics alike, as the world created goes far beyond the realities of any one character.

I am a lover of science-fiction as well as fantasy, and though I wouldn’t say this novel falls under the sci-fi genre, I will say it very uniquely blends together elements from both a futuristic world and a historically primitive world into an irresistible “Game of Thrones” meets “Hunger Games” literary medley.

Although elements of “Red Queen” can be likened to other best selling books, this novel stands apart in its originality and twisting plot.  You will find you can’t help but love even the most deceptive characters.

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