My name is Rachel, and I love to read, write and create.

I grew up hooked on mystery and adventure series like Nancy Drew and The Boxcar Children. My love for reading spread into different genres like classic literature, science fiction and fantasy.  This affinity for books, pages and words developed into a passion for writing at a young age. I am currently writing my second full-length novel—a high fantasy, young adult novel which follows the life of two brothers and their journey towards friendship, identity, and ultimately their destiny in a delicate landscape of diversity, oppression and war.

Along with adoring the art of writing and reading, my husband and pup have captivated my heart.  Drew, my husband, and I grew up being friends since the time we were born.  He is best friends to my three older brothers—whom I also adore—and master to our golden retriever Faith.  Drew and I just celebrated being two years old this spring!  He is an amazing fellow artist (a music producer) and a huge encouragement to my writing journey.

Follow me to see what life is like for a young, aspiring writer navigating the challenging terrain of becoming an author and impacting the world with inspiration and hope.

Our pup Faith.
Our pup, Faith
Some of the best moments of life.
Some of the best moments of life
Our honeymoon spot Homer, Alaska
Our honeymoon spot
Homer, Alaska
We just celebrated turning  TWO years old!
We just celebrated
   turning TWO years old!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for commenting on my “I want a refund” post. Brought me over to your blog and I love the layout – I really must have a play with mine as I just set it up with the first template I came across. I love the fact that you know what you want to be – a writer and I hope you are able to pursue your dreams….although it sounds like you are. I used to do no more than dream so this “blogging” lark is a chance to hone and practice my skills. Seeing you mention Nancy Drew reminded me I had an Ellery Queen book when I as about 10 and it had a yellow dust jacket and I added my own name using transfers. So wanted to be a writer but where I came from you got a proper job when you left school. Do what you do best and I will be checking out your great writing and photos – And also loving Faith, my little pickle is Peppa who is laying at my feet snoring as I write this – bliss!

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  2. Good morning, Rachel! As I mentioned in my Reply to your comment on my Boston photos, so nice to meet you over my now second cup of coffee! 🙂 I’ve read your blog — and just feel compelled to wirte a bit here. I am indeed much much older than you…..but we have quite a few connections — which invariably happens in this blogging world! 🙂 I am way over on the other side of life’s continuum — 45 years with the love of my life (look at my About). You and I though — similar in quite a few ways….we both believe in the power of the word, creativity and passion. You’ve followed your heart which is so important. One of my children, now 40 — how is that possible???? is a musician who married a musician. They’ve struggled mightily but followed their passion….she is now a full-time faculty member, an organist, mentor to many, young mother, and a genuinely positive person. Her smile reminds me of yours. Her husband is a successful composer — google Kevin Siegfried — and you can find his website and listen to some of his music. Both chose tougher paths (her instrument is the pipe organ and his area of composition is choral music) — but they prevailed. So your creative spirit must remain kindled! 🙂 You’ll find a position — a job — that will help put food on the table and allow you to pursue your dreams at the same time. Watch the papers, check online, and find some networking events you can participate in. Networking is one of the best ways — but when you’re in a new city, you must seek out those opportunities. You’ll do it! You’ve got the determination, work ethic and passion that many would like to have in their place of business….you just haven’t found the “match” yet. Keep writing — keep smiling — if I can begin to write poetry in my rejuvenatement period, you’ll surely find your dreams! 🙂 Your published essay is just the beginning!

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  3. This is so nice to read. Wishing you and your husband many good years ahead! Thanks for letting us readers know more about you, and keep on writing! I love your recent post about failures.


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